In Germany, A Rare Chance for People Power!

Fascinating to learn that, in Germany, despite the central government’s post-war folly in abolishing capital punishment,  the death penalty is still on the statute book in one of the states, Hessen. NB, having travelled through it often, I call it Hessen, although the usual English version is Hesse.

Although it’s not been put to good use, or any use, since 1945, that potentially useful law is now being targetted for abolition by the political establishment.


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  • But any such change requires popular consent in a referendum!

As we’ve seen by her refusal to give Germans a popular vote on the crimmigrant tsunami, Mama Merkel doesn’t like democracy any more than she’s prepared to make evil-doers pay a fair price for their crimes.

So I’m expecting her CDU minions will line up with SPD and Greens to campaign for abolition. 

So this is a golden opportunity for the patriot party, the AfD, to mobilise people power.


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Needless to say, the elite’s lap-dog media will be shrilling to ensure undesirables will not get their come-uppance. The Local, from which we got this story, is a typical example of the media’s inability to report news without inserting its own prejudices.

Even as we read down to the end of their page, it smacks you in the eye. . ,  .

In a surprising survey two years ago, a law professor in Bavaria found that one third of his students and aspiring lawyers supported the death penalty.

Surprising? How so?

Maybe it is a pleasant surprise that so many young Germans, despite the pinko indoctrination pervasive through school and college, maintain a common-sense approach. Yet there’s nothing inherently surprising about people of any age feeling killers deserve to die.


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  • All the more reason to hope fervently that the voters of Hessen will surprise the in-crowd and vote to keep the death penalty.

Then sensble Germans can launch a nationwide campaign for restoration.