Cameron to UKIP – Telling Terror Truth is ‘Inappropriate!’

Cameron criticises Ukip for linking Brussels attacks to immigration

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That man is either a fool or a traitor.

And you don’t get to Downing Street by being a fool.

Molenbeek would be a quiet Brussels suburb had the Belgians not sat idly by while it became infested with immigrants from countries that don’t share Western civilised values.


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  • Similarly in Paris – those no-go banlieues would be normal areas inhabited by normal folk had the French not allowed them to become alien islands populated by primitives many of whose loyalties lie elsewhere than France.
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  • Farage was quite right back in January when he said –

 “The thing that makes me angry about what happened in Paris is frankly the fact that it was so utterly and entirely predictable. I think we’ve reached a point where we have to admit to ourselves, in Britain and France and much of the rest of Europe, that mass immigration and multicultural division has for now been a failure.”

And his UKIP colleague, Mike Hookham MEP, is spot on now. 

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Typically, The Guardian plays the patsy role, grotesque mystification of what everyone knows.

 Hookham drew the link between terrorism and immigration despite there being no information in the public domain about the identity of the attackers, their origins or motives.

The London Tube bombing was the work of people who’d not have been there had lax immigration not allowed unassimilable sectarians in. The Paris atrocity too.

And in Belgium?


Will The Guardian make much of the facts when they emerge in detail, that the Brussels bombers were there EITHER because of the current invasion OR because of the insanity of past policies which allowed a part of their capital to become non-Belgian?

I think not.   

Europe’s crimmigration crisis is nothing new. The horde that’s descended since last year has merely dramatised the folly of decades.