Old Foes Unite Against Crimmigrants! One More Border Closed!

Finland, a gallant little country of which I’ve very fond memories, fought two fierce wars against the Soviet Union a few generations back.


  • Land stolen by Red conquest
  • The Finns, against overwhelming odds, won the first war but were defeated second time around.
  • Certainly when I was there, in the Seventies, Finns had not forgotten, nor forgiven, that aggression.
  • They are a hospitable people, but they don’t suffer communists gladly – or undesirable aliens!

    The New Lucky Country? Finland – Ingrate Aliens Don’t Like it! 

But today we read that both they and the Russians have taken a very sensible step.

Under a deal clinched by presidents Vladimir Putin and Sauli Niinisto in Moscow on March 22, crossings at the Salla and Raja-Jooseppi entry points will be reserved only for Finnish, Russian, and Belarusian citizens and family members for six months…  http://www.rferl.org/content/russia-finland-agree-temporarily-close-arctic-border-migrants-six-months/27630117.html

Why only six months?

What’s been done makes perfect sense and should be made permanent, but at least it thwarts the crimmigrants during milder weather, and when winter comes again?


  • Who knows, maybe popular pressure will ensure that long-term measures will be imposed to prevent further incursions.
  • And hopefully start deportation of those already leeching off the Finnish tax-payers!