Another ‘Child?’ Enough Inexcusable Excuses for Evil!

We have seen this bizarre phenomenon in the UK…

So Now Life Only Means FIVE BLOODY YEARS!?! 

 …and elsewhere, the nonsense that a person fully capable of knowing right and wrong may be classified as a ‘child’ and thus escape proper penalties for evil activity.

We must await the trial and verdict, of course, in the case of the 16-year-old girl, facing charges of funding the operations of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

The hearing took place in Parramatta Children’s Court, but we know that even if accused persons were 26, or 46, rather than 16, they’d still not pay the appropriate price for supporting Australia’s enemies in time of war – any such person should be put to death.


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  • But when the hell are Western countries going to get over this hang-up?

A ‘child,’ in normal-think, is somebody who plays with toys, attends primary/elementary school, etc. By the age of sixteen, everybody who is not mentally retarded knows the difference between right and wrong and what’s legal and what’s not.

I did.

You did.


Our grandparents certainly did!

They, like you and I, certainly understood that duty to the nation of which we’re part transcends any vile concept of sectarian solidarity.

Most normal people were delighted that Australian police took out the squalid little beast after it murdered an innocent civilian employee at  Parramatta not long ago.

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  • One’s approval of that piglet’s removal from the earthly plane was not merely because all scum like that are better taken out, but because, had the piglet been taken alive, it would have been given pampered, preferential treatment on account of its ‘child’ status.

Soft facilities, early release, etc.

Australia needs a wake-up call. That’s down to the Australian people, who can elect sensible representatives and get laws changed.

As for Europe, where packs of such creatures are welcomed in as ‘unaccompanied minors’  and then allowed to commit whatever crimes they please against the local in Sweden…


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…until the degenerates on both local and European courts are given a long overdue defenestration from their ivory towers of arrogance…

lgal-system-is-obstructing-justice                                                                                                        Syrian children arrive in UK from ‘Jungle’ after legal victory

…no respite is in sight.

When decent folk fight back, they are reviled and menaced by the very police who should be beating the imported swine senseless.