Will Obama’s Baseball Buddy Send Back The Cop-Killers?


So Obama enoyed watching baseball with the tyrant?

But has he secured the return of vicious American criminals enjoying sanctuary under that tyrant’s aegis?

..the communist dictatorship is a longtime haven for fugitive U.S. cop killers and terrorists…Col. Rick Fuentes, superintendent of the New Jersey State Police, posted a video message to Facebook on Thursday in which he warned the public of four domestic terrorists Cuba is harboring.



She could have been the sister Barack never had!


That’s one of them!

And she is as evil as the rest!

Fuentes said the four are responsible for the deaths of 17 police officers, five American civilians and two U.S. servicemen and 159 bombings.




Thanks very much to American blogger Tony Attanasio for this!

We expect The Obamanation not to care too much about cop-killers, although his ‘deep, dissembling heart’ has been known to bleed copiously for good-for-nothings like Trayvon Martin.




The issue has been raised here on our little blog, some time back.

Obama’s Kindred Spirit Cop-Killer Still Safe in Cuba! 

Read about the vermin, as described in Tony’s  blog, facts about Joanne Chesimard, who was convicted in the killing of New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster in 1973 but later escaped and fled to Cuba. Chesimard, 68, who also wounded another officer in the attack, escaped from prison in 1979 and has been living in Cuba since the mid-1980s…   


…and he provides details galore of the others, none of whom would be any the worse for a bullet in the back of the neck.

Horrifically, it is said that Obama may have considered meeting with the fugitive red filth. They could have had an informed discussion about American terrorism, Barack drawing on his long association with Wiliam Ayers, who did so much to boost the lame-duck’s political career in Illinois.

Who knows how low a weasel can crawl?