Did NYC Mayor Give Hope To Big Apple Mincers?

Just been reading that UKIP’s Suzanne Evans is suspended, largely due to her agitation against a perfectly good candidate who supports offering remedial treatment to queers.


Suspended? Fair enough – it’s heartless of Evans to begrudge helping the maladjusted.

But howzabout recent events in the Good Ole USA?

Unimpressed though one has to be that the marxist New York Mayor De Blasio only attended the St. Patrick’s Day Parade because the organisers allowed queers to mince along too, I am nevertheless moved to ask if he at least offered them hope.

After all, his wife is living breathing proof that homosexuality can be cured.



From NYC – Proof Positive, ‘Gays’ Can Be Cured! 


It’s odd, is it not, that the Obamanoid media in the USA, and elsewhere, ostentatiously ignore the uncomfortable truth that the Mayoress was once a lesbian but today is a normal wife and mother?

Instead they maintain the nonsense that the affliction on which queers base their bizarre life-style is incurable.




And, in some American states, dictatorial legislators have even banned parents concerned for confused children to seek professional help!


Bloody sad!