Bloody Back-Stabbing BBC – Helpful Tips For Illegal Immigrants!

Our many  Australian readers know what it is to have to subsidise a treason-gang that operates under the guise of a national broadcaster.


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So maybe they’ll draw some small consolation at this latest proof of how UK tax-payers are paying through the nose to fund the scumbags who infest the BBC.

Both ABC and BBC need to have their first letter removed – they seem to be entirely anti-Australian and anti-British – the latter since at least the Falklands War, as we’ve recorded more than once. Will the BBC EVER Be Pro-British? 

And of course pro-crimmigrant bias is engrained in both too. 

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  • A BBC department that produced a radio drama giving practical tips to would-be migrants on how to cross from Somalia to Europe received nearly £90 million of British tax payers’ money.

As so often, Breitbart was the first media outlet back in The Old Country to cover this, but thankfully others have been picking up on the shocker, including the Daily Mail, which often does good work.


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Read the whole story on the link, but note well the way these hacks call themselves ‘the charitable’ wing of the state broadcasting agency, and note especially well the names of those who run it.

They’re all listed here – 

– an email telling them what you think will not go amiss. 

Frankly, the authorities should surely be considering treason charges.

True, the undesirable aliens thus assisted in their illicit enterprise are initially heading across the Med, towards Italy and or Malta, not directly towards Britain. But those countries are Britain’s allies – encouraging crimmigrants to invade them ought to be a criminal offence in the UK too.

Moreover, there enough Somalis prowling the Calais Jungle already – Brits don’t want that number topped up.



Although a lot of vermin at the BBC clearly do!