Asia’s Next Top Model…Could Well Be…May From Myanmar!



Somewhat against my better judgement, I tuned in again to Asia’s Top Model.

Why the reluctance? Because I saw the previews and was appalled at one puffed-up oaf who was interviewing them, yelling and bawling at one poor girl who had the temerity to roll her eyes.

This for some reason incensed the rude and raucous man, who denounced her for her ‘misbehaviour,’ saying he’d never ever hire her!

God knows if I were interviewed in such a manner, for any job, I’d walk out, probably after telling him to add a bit of class to his act. I can tolerate dimwits, but slobs, no way.

There’s a true tale of a Jakarta-based American teacher who was invited in by a professor at a famous university ‘ to talk about a class.’


i love jkt


The Yank travelled miles from the edge of town to the college, which is not far from Citraland Mall. When he arrived, the ignorant old dope told him, ‘Yes, I thought it more appropriate to advise you face-to-face that we’re not going to run that course.’ 

The Yank just went home. I might have defenestrated the toad. 

However, back to the dolly-birds.

For want of anything better to view, I switched over to Star World and settled down –  to watch them all being given new hair-dos!

Some were none the worse for the scissors, but May of Myanmar emerged exquisite! Not only does she have a captivating look to her, but her hair actually looked better ‘after’ than ‘before!’  

Not every other contestant could say the same. Incidentally, there now seem to be two Indonesians, whereas last time I only noticed one!

Good luck to Ardilla as well as Patricia.

But back to May of Myanmar!


May of Myanmar


I know little of her country and that’s maybe the reason why I’ve pondered it as a possible safe haven if  – Heaven Forbid – departure from Indonesia ever became a necessity.  



After all, way back when, I chose Indonesia because, despite equally good offers in Bangkok and Hanoi, this was ‘terra incognita.’

And the fetching May is another good reason to contemplate emulation of Orwell’s Burmese Days.

No point in describing all the other lovelies.

But I have to say the whining little minx from Vietnam, named Mai Ngo, is a total pain in the backside. While the other gals protested politely during the hair-stylist’s attentions, like the Singapore beauty who was clearly anxious but calm, the Vietnamese was simply an embarrassment to herself and to the show.

Then lo and behold, she was sent packing!

And the nasty bully in the interview scene – that must be next week!

Or was it last week? No doubt somebody will tell me!

Now, a lazy night, I’ve got The History Channel on, with ostensibly serious people discussing whether the conflicts in the Middle East are somehow fomented by space-aliens to prevent us learning their role in human affairs.

  • a whiskey-glass
  • Time for a Black Label!