Hollande Bottles Out – Terror Traitors To Keep French Citizenship!

If anyone still thought  theFrench President was serious  abouttackling the dire threat of sectarian treason, get real!


Merkel’s Muppet in the Elysee Palace has just dropped his solemn pledge to strip Islamist traitors of their French nationality, a move widely acclaimed as a good example for Britain to follow.

He has given no coherent reason for this shameful U-turn, blaming “parts of the opposition” although subversive elements of his own Socialist Party were probably much more to do with it.  http://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/mar/30/francois-hollande-drops-plan-to-revoke-citizenship-of-dual-national-terrorists

Every individual of alien origin whose allegiance lies with supranational ideologies should be stripped of citizenship.



How many times have you fumed when some news-jerk talks about ‘British’ jihadists, or ‘French’ jihadists or ‘Belgian’ jihadists, when the scum referred to, regardless of passport technicalities,  are obviously NOT British or French or Belgian.

Yes, they should all be hanged!

But pending the needful restoration of the death penalty, the very least they merit is expulsion from the nationality they taint by their perfidous conduct. Just wait and see who welcomes Hollande’s abandonment of principle.

The agitprop enemy within will sing his praises – though not for long – if you pander to vermin, they just keep coming back for more.