Good Old-Fashioned Snog Enrages IslamoNazis

Anywhere normal, you’d not bat an eye-lid.

A young couple enjoying a snog at the beach. Snog, BTW, is Brit slang for a smooch, a long passionate kiss, not in any way an offensive activity.

Except….to uptight IslamoNazis!


  • Sejumlah adegan pasangan muda mudi sedang berpelukan dan berciuman diduga dilakukan di Anjungan Pantai Losari Makassar, belum lama ini.
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  • Before I continue, please note, any dumbo Islamophobes out there, that the girl is wearing a head-scarf.
  • So next time some oaf grabs at a passing Muslim lass’s scarf, tell him to lay off. A lot of these girls are bullied into scarfing by primitive male family members. Beneath the shroud, they are as lively and lovely as any other girls.
  • They don’t deserve harassment by strangers added to familial intimidation

But as regards the unwholesome element here in Indonesia, i.e. the IslamoNazi self-styled ‘Islam Defenders Front.’ known locally as the FPI…

Chairman of the Advisory Board of South Sulawesi FPI, Abu Thoriq, strongly condemns the misconduct. Moreover, its location is very close to the mosque area….



“It’s a disgusting act and dishonorable!”

We’ve heard from Thoriq before.

IslamoNazi Durex Jihad! No Year’s End Happy Endings? 

He obviously has a thing about sex!

We’ve also seen what the white-shirt hoodlums in Makassar do.


  • FPI_13
  • —————–
  • We often use the above photo of their own disgusting and dishonourable conduct in Makassar, during a previous Ramadhan, violent, intolerant vandalism. They are thugs who can’t even walk by inoffensive workers on a lunch-break without engaging in vile sectarian hoodlum antics.

So who does Thoriq think he ism to rant about harmless teen affection, not IN the mosque, please note, but somewhere nearby.

In fact, he has previously made it clear that it’s immaterial WHERE such courting couples hang out –“No way inside the mosque, nor outside the mosque, this courting is forbidden.”Love At The Mosque? Islamists Infuriated! 

The deplorable prig says he wants the local authorities to swing into action against kisses.

.Abu Thoriq said that if the City Government of Makassar is powerless to overcome the teenagers who damage the good name of the city, then his FPI will deploy troops for a raid.

You’d think this kind of deranged hogwash would attract derision from said municipal authorities, but far from it.


Mayor Pomanto – ‘Don’t you kids dare behave normally!’

Mayor of Makassar, Moh Ramdhan ‘Danny’ Pomanto actually seems to have sipped the same Kool-Aid as Thoriq.

“Of course we are very concerned with this incident. There will be tightened surveillance to be carried out by municipal police. Moreover, the addition of CCTV will be installed in the area,” he said.

None of the Indonesians I know – including Muslims – would do anything but grimace at this kind of kill-joy caterwauling.  

But the fact that elected representatives, not just the demented jihadist fringe, can get into a lather about a kiss…it all adds to my forebodings for Indonesia’s future.