No to Appeasement – Boycott Air France

How low can their standards fall?



I refer to Air France and its craven management, who have ORDERED flight attendants into the scarf of second-class citizenship prescribed by the backward shariah regime in Tehran.

And BON CHANCE to the girls, who say they will refuse to fly to the Iranian capital when the airline resumes the service later this month.

The airline bosses’s attempt to justify their merde almost had me thinking this was April Fool’s Day all over again.  


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  • “Tolerance and respect for the customs of the countries we serve are part of the values of our company,” a spokesman said.

The country they’re talking about is the very antithesis of ‘tolerance and respect,’ ESPECIALLY for women.

I hope these ladies get some support from the French Minister of Women’s Rights, Laurence Rossignol, who correctly said last month that women who wear veils or Islamic headscarves, she said, were like “negroes who supported slavery.’


Wise words, though we shouldn’t blame those in cess-pool societies like the Ayatollahs’ Iran, where brutal punishments await women who defy the sexist diktat. Or indeed many defenceless young women in other countries bullied by bigot male kin..

But as for rance – let’s not let these courageous mamselles stand alone.

Contact Air France and TELL them to sod off. If they don’t back down…

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BOYCOTT the collaborationist SOBs.”