Tories Fail ‘Asylum’ Test, As Ingrate Alien Faces Trial

A MIGRANT accused of WALKING through the Channel Tunnel to claim asylum in Britain has failed in his bid to have his trial halted.

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The arrogant ingrate Sudanese, Abdul Rahman Haroun, has made himself a stench in the nostrils of Britons – and no doubt decent immigrants who have settled in the UK legally – after spouting uppity remarks that he was already “fed up” with his new home and “regrets” coming here.

Clearly, when/if he’s convicted, he should get the maximum two years jail-time for his dangerous trespass offence.

But the REAL guilt belongs with Theresa May.


As Cameron’s Home Secretary she had a plain duty to appeal the absurd decision granting this swine ‘asylum.’ There are crystal-clear rules about people arriving in the EUSSR, and one of the best-known is that they have to apply in the first ‘safe’ country they reach.

France is one of those. He was there. He left there entirely of is own selfish accord. Therefore ‘asylum’ for the lawless brute is a legal nonsense.

And yet…

Not a word in that report about any appeal.




Theresa May has thereby stabbed Britain in the back and demonstrated that all her wittering about secure borders is mendacious tripe!

Unless she suddenly back-tracks and lodges an appeal, and fights it vigorously, she has switched on a green light beckoning all the illegals in the Calais Jungle to ford the Channel and stick their greedy snouts into the British welfare trough.