Did Kim Philby Advise Merkel On Treason Skills?

Much ado about Kim Philby, notorious British communist traitor, and the big ‘scoop’ is a video recording of the dirty red rat giving advice to the Stasi, the East German quisling regime’s gestapo.


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It’s a speech given to Stasi agents in 1981…


So we have to ask – was Mama Stasi Merkel among those to whom he gave his sage advice? The extent of her involvement as one of the Stasi’s marxist minions, code-name Erika, has been much-discussed, after all.




And the time-line fits – if she had been tapped by the secret police in 1978, she’d admittedly be a junior in 1981. But the Stasi were infamously successful as an agency, so if talent-spotting was one of their areas of expertise, she might well have been in that audience as a promising recruit.


merkel danger


And hasn’t she done well, to the point where she has more or less succeeded in the ruin of Europe

Her character seems to reflect the careful counselling Philby offered back then. 

“And all I had to do really was keep my nerve…”

 So far Mama has kept her nerve.

And even today she shows fidelity to her old colleagues, recently deploying one of them to hound German patriots – a woman who worked for the Stasi between 1974 and 1982, so possibly another member of Philby’s audience in 1981! 

Former Stasi Agent Hired By German Govt To Patrol Facebook for Xenophobic …

Mind you, Mama Stasi came close to confession when she boasted that she had managed to ‘change’ Germany. Maybe we all just need to keep up the pressure! 


It can’t be easy being an enemy agent at such a high level.