What A Contrast! Poland Resurgent, Italy Dragged Down!

What a contrast, the lucky Polish people with a government that cares for their safety, as against the Italians, whose welfare ranks among the lowest priorities of the Renzi regime.

We looked at the wretched Renzi not long ago, his deranged decriminalisation of illegal immigration, his cowardice in allowing defiant aliens to refuse even the basic requirement of ID checks on arrival, and the way he pats parasites on the back and despatches them gaily to maraud their way across the borders of his European ‘partners.’

Poles have problems like everyone else, but at least their women are able to go out and about without fear of sex-predators  –

Italy Infested With ‘Asylum’ Predators! 

  • and their parliament, the Sejm, has just passed a resolution pin-pointing the effects of importing primitives from Middle Eastern territories, whom the legislators correctly say are “the cause” of “social tensions” in Europe.https://euobserver.com/migration/132881

No wonder Brussels and its running dogs in the Council of Europe are consumed with loathing for the patriotic Law and Justice Party government in Warsaw.


  • Polish patriot Kaczynski
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Admirably,  the resolution “voices its considered objection to any attempts to create permanent EU mechanisms for allocating refugees.” Few people in any country would quibble with their assertion that decisions on who comes to Poland “should remain in the hands of the Polish state.”

EUObserver’s report reeks of prejudice against the Poles, especially Prime Minister Beata Szydlo and her party leader Kaczinski. The hacks have the gall to include in their list of the Polish leadership’s ‘anti-migrant’ statements the absolutely indisputable truth that some of them are terrorists.

However, the report also says that according to EU sources, Warsaw is unlikely to refuse migrants under the EU scheme, but it is hoping to create enough bad feeling around the project that it falls apart.

We all share that hope but what’s important is that Poland coordinates with the other sane governments in Budapest, Bratislava and Prague to thwart the subversive scheme.