Go, Holland! Slap Soros Down! April 6th, Prelude to Freedom?

Busy day today for me, just sent off my old sofa to somebody who needs one, and then I’m off to meet nice people in North Jakarta.

Big day in Holland tomorrow, a referendum!

And since George Soros, a man who represents all that is bad for Europe and the world, has used his money to interfere in Dutch affairs,  with a hefty dose of largesse, I’m using this modest blog to counter his malign influence.


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Big day, because the Dutch political establishment has been careful to treat its citizens with contempt since they voted disobediently, rejecting the EuroCon.

When its almost identical replacement supranational treaty was promptly produced, no more democratic nonsense was permitted, lest the uppity commoners might again spurn the wisdom of their betters.

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It was rammed through the legislature, replicating the same disdain that the French elite displayed after France’s referendum thwarted the Brussels mafia’s machtergreifung.

So tomorrow’s vote is a big improvement, but NOT that big, for reasons explained in a Swiss blog… 

http://www.swissinfo.ch/directdemocracy/opinion_dutch-citizens–veto–panacea-for-democratic-ills-/42065538  ….which points out that whatever the citizens have to say in the ballot box, even by a 90% majority, the Dutch Government can ignore them. It’s purely ADVISORY.

There’s also an extra ‘blocking mechanism,’ that if there’s a less than 30% turn-out, the ruling class does not even have to pretend to consider its verdict.

The Swiss blogger is quite right to say this skews the whole process. In a sovereign democracy, the people are the source of legitimacy.

Switzerland understands this – voters can vote on just about everything, and the government in Bern may not defy democracy. And rather than having to wait till a law is passed, the Swiss have a citizens’ initiative, NOT like the phoney Brussels version…

Brussels’ Citizens’ Initiative Exposed As Beggars’ Opera! 

…but a powerful tool which can preempt the rulers by requiring a vote on any issue.

And there’s no minimum turn-out. If people don’t care enough to turn out, they forfeit their say. Fair enough. It’s their choice. The Swiss system should be a model for all European nations.

For example, only Hungary appears to be having a referendum on the migrant menace ( thanks to its good government) but concerned citizens in Germany,Sweden, Italy, France…

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….and, of course, the UK, should have the right, in a free and fair ballot, to require action.


The vote tomorrow is over a seemingly minor issue, EUSSR trade with Ukraine, but patriots are using it to send a message to the Enemy Within Brussels and their local collaborators.