Biased CNN Serves As Amnesty Megaphone!

It’s 6.30pm here in Jakarta and I’ve got CNN on, which has just presented clear evidence of its own left-liberal bias, a ‘news’ item on the death penalty…


 with only one guest in view, some Indian bloke named Salil Shitty, Secretary General of Amnesty International, which we know all about!

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He was given time to rant about how unhappy he was at the continued use of the death penalty around the world. There was also a quick gloat at Fiji’s decision to abolish, and Outer Mongolia’s imminent emulation of the Fijians.

So I waited to hear an opposing view, as you’d expect of fair and balanced media. And waited, but not too long, because CNN moved on with other news.

So the publication of this utterly disgraceful organisation’s report on capital punishment was made the excuse for entirely one-sided presentation of news on a hotly debated issue.

It would not have been hard for CNN to find somebody to confront the Indian leftist.

They could have walked out the front door of their studio and easily got a man or woman to argue back, because MOST Americans, like MOST Britons, are supporters of proper punishment for evil criminals.