Don’t Let This Demented Old Alien Land in Lesbos!


How many of you have visited the Vatican?

I have! It’s a magnificent sight to see!

Saint Peter’s is a vast edifice. Moreover, the Papal properties are not limited to that one palatial property. The Old Argie has a cute little vacation cottage outside Rome, called Castel Gandolfo.



Francis’ ‘summer residence‘ could handle hundreds while his palace in Rome could easily accommodate a thousand illegal undesirables…



… not to mention the potential for a neat tent city in St. Peter’s Square!


He says he will give temporary housing in the Vatican to at least two refugee families .. 

Blasted hypocrite.


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  • I’d use the Biblical phrase ‘a whited sepulchre’ but that’s probably classified as ‘racist’ these days!

And today we hear that, having already shrilled at the common folk who are bearing the brunt of the primitive tsunami…




Pope says Europe can rise to challenge


….the Old Argie aims to stick his arrogant beak into the crimmigrant crisis yet again.

 Pope Francis is said to be considering a trip to Lesbos to highlight the difficulties faced by migrants and refugees there.

Although the visit has not been confirmed, the Greek Orthodox Church said it could take place late next week.

This trouble-making turbulent priest should be declared ‘person non grata’ by Greece, and by all the nations his irresponsible rhetoric continues to put in jeopardy.