Hurray, May! Adieu, Jessica – Another Night With Asia’s Next Top Model!

Wednesday, nothing but re-runs of old CSI stuff etc., so back to Asia’s Next Top Model.

And my judgement last week, in favour of the charms of the Myanmar contestant, May Myat Noe…

Asia’s Next Top Model…Could Well Be…May From Myanmar! 

…. was vindicated tonight, as she excelled her rivals sufficiently to be sent off to New York…


 May of Myanmar


… to star in something called Maybelline, which, by process of elimination (not a Broadway musical, not a Trump rally) I deduced must be a girls’ magazine, or a publishing chain encompassing several of those.

Good luck to her.

Pity she’s not coming to Jakarta!

But sad to see Jessica go home, She looked rather yummy tonight.

As indeed did Indonesia’s ladies.


But it was the panel which held me in horrid thrall, the spokeswoman, a not unattractive female but possessed of what is known, I believe, as a ‘New York Death Stare’ and a penchant for melodrama, plus an unkempt, rather rude, fellow who was apparently a photographer, and a bulky Asian geezer with a peculiar hair-cut and an attempt at an Old Etonian accent.


Womens/Ladies 100cm Red Color Long STRAIGHT Cosplay/Costume/Anime/Party/Bangs Full Sexy Wig (100cm,Straight,Red)

But who on earth was the granny with the scary red wig?


I shall continue watching this show, largely because of the lovelies, but also because of those who sit in (often grouchy) judgement on them.

They do tend to leave me feeling glad that, in contrast to those lofty persons, I was brought up to talk nicely to people….well, at least to pretty young women!