GAP’s Craven Cr@p! Why Crawl To Uptight Asses!

Take a look at the photo below…
…some harmless young girls posing just the way most kids would if you told them to put on a bit of posing.
Nothing remotely offensive about the pic, nothing whatsoever.
UNLESS, of course, you wake up every morning just DESPERATE to be offended.
Like a certain sad specimen rejoicing in the name, if you believe it, of Fatima La’Juan Muse. She’s one of the Twitter drone-squad.
What a totally weirdo bint this Fatima must be, the kind of perpetual whiner who wants ‘Baaa-baa Black Sheep” censored for ‘racism.’
Yet to my horror, I read that apparel maker Gap on Tuesday has apologised for an image used in an ad that some critics said was racially insensitive.
Despite the fact it’s obviously not insensitive, they will replace it.
What is wrong with Gap?
Well, we get a hint of the answer to that by reading on..
“As a brand with a proud 46 year history of championing diversity and inclusivity, we appreciate the conversation that has taken place and are sorry to anyone we’ve offended.”
That’s their Debbie Felix, and she surprised me – I hadn’t realised that all this ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusivity’ PC hogwash has been around for nearly half-a century.
Selling clothes has always seemed to me merely a matter of offering the right sizes, and colours (wooops!) – that’s what I sought, when I once bought a shirt or something from Gap -only once, prices better at C@A!
But Debbie has further ‘offended’ me!
. =======
Debbie Felix Gap spokeswoman Debbie Felix .
Why does she join in the degradation of the English language by misusing the word ‘conversation?’
I can see NO evidence of any ‘conversation,’ unless you categorise ”Fatima’s” paranoid tweet as some form of conversation, which it clearly is NOT.
Conversation, I wearily repeat, is two or more people having a chat, serious or frivolous….
…not a verbal diarrhoea bombardment by ding-bats.