Bravo, Gilles! French MEP Exposes NEW EUSSR School Brainwashing!

Hurray for Gilles Lebreton!

Most of my readers are English-speakers, so may not know his name, but he’s a French patriot and he’s exposed the latest campaign by the EUSSR to brainwash school-children.


Image illustrative de l'article Gilles Lebreton

Gilles Lebreton MEP

  • This unscrupulous propaganda process is nothing new…


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….but  naturally we have focused on British patriot parents’ concerns.

Now we are made to realise the same poisonous propaganda is being pumped into French schools too.

All praise and honour to Monsieur Lebreton for his powerful attack on how these ruthless rogues in Brussels are targetting school-children across France, and, given what we know of their arrogance, all across Europe too, with youngsters in the UK also under threat.



He reminds us of how the sedulous swine in Brussels have insidiously infiltrated  pro-European propaganda in our schools.

But they are now openly seeking to strengthen it.  The Draghici Report…

 “Learning EU at School”

…will be submitted to a vote of the European Parliament at its plenary session in April.

As noted by the report,  the EU arouses indifference: less than 43% of citizens in 28 Member States voted in the European elections of 2014.

And how does this report explain indifference – Gilles could have added loathing and hostility – to their European Dream?  

“a poor knowledge of the Union can contribute to the spread of Euroscepticism”.

Gilles legitimately laughs at this rubbish, which is basically claiming that if citizens become eurosceptics, it’s not because they freely choose to defend their sovereignty and their national values, but because they ( horror  -“populists”!) have “poor knowledge” of the EU.

He sums it up in words I too might deploy against that rotten corrupt elite. 

The arrogance of this European caste, whose contemptuous mind-set he portrays thus –

We must educate, and grasp the evil at its roots, starting with children. The report accordingly assigns teachers a mission to “strengthen emergency education for citizenship of the Union.”





… the report states that the aim is twofold: it is to develop “a sense of belonging to the EU and acceptance of multicultural and multiethnic societies!” 

  • multicult3multiculturalism-is-based-on-the-lie-that-all-cultures-are-morally-equal-quote-1


Nightmare stuff, as if French teachers should not teach the youngsters that French culture is the only proper culture for Frnech citizens of all ages. As Gilles concludes…

This propaganda is even more reprehensible as it affects the schools….schools should be a place of political neutrality, a sanctuary respectful of the freedom of children.

But not if the Brussels elite can help it -they want their own vile ideology foisted on the little ones, from kindergarten onwards.

Allons, Mes Enfants…