BANYAK Cewek Cantik! Fashiontastic, PIM, Jakarta, 7 – 17th April

Another search today for my current Holy Grail, this time down Jalan Panjang, West Jakarta, looking for some helpful computer person to help me instal my Kapersky anti-virus disk.

There’s no slot in my laptop, so how does one insert the disk!

Hence by Busway, to Pondok Indah.


PIMMall_culture_jakarta100 PIM by night – I went by day.


Alas, posh PIM mall, so the pretty things on the info desk assured me, has NO computer stores eecept Electronc City, who in turn assured me they had nobody there who could assist.

Further disappointment awaited me in Hero supermarket, no Mama’s Pork Bacon, which I like best, despite its brand name reminding me of Mama Stasi Merkel, Germany’s arch-traitress!


‘Woe is me – I can’t get my Kapersky installed!’

Alone and palely loitering, like the knight-at-arms in Keats’ poem, I wandered across the footbridge, to the new section of the mall, hoping there might be somewhere there to turn to.

There wasn’t!

Bad news…

But hold on there! Going out is never a bad idea in Jakarta, because something interesting always happens.

Loud-speaker voices, music…



A parade of yummy chicks!

One after the other, striding gracefully down a cat-walk!

And unlike the scrawny whelps who proliferate in Western fashion shows, these were healthy, normal, very attractive gals…




… especially the one clad in a short, white, tight dress who was – in my view – the star of the line-up, at least around noon today, Saturday.

And it’s not just girls.

There were also men’s and kids’ fashions on display, but I did not linger for those. I don’t have any interest in dressing fashionably and with offspring full-grown, none either in children’s clothing.

But if I need to meet up with friends next week, or any time before 17th April, my favoured rendezvous point will be PIM.