A Rat By Any Other Name….Cameron's Many Appellations!

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A round of applause to the artists who thus depicted the charlatan.

I’ve thought for a while that to continue calling him Cast-Iron is pointless.

We all remember why he got that nick-name, because of his shameless lying when he gave the ‘cast-iron’ pledge to hold a referendum not quite ten years ago, then spat in the face of the electorate by reneging.


  • Joint ministerial council summit


Then we had that poll in which Brits awarded him the Snake, as the animal which his character and conduct most readily conjured up.

Then last week I started referring to him as ‘Off-Shore’ – no need to explain that!

So this lazy Sunday, while I plan to relax with one of my helpful visitors cooking brunch and probably my evening as well, I invite readers to say which, if any, they prefer, and if none of the above, to suggest other good appellationswhichmight suit the swine.