Sarapan Sama Duo Anggrek

What a fine sunny Sunday!

Just been out to  Alfamart to buy cigarettes, avoiding thereby unwanted rush on Monday morning, though I have no particular place to go, unlike the commuting multitude.

I finally surfaced an hour or two ago, when summoned for sarapan (breakfast) and whilst guzzling my mie rebus and nasi putih, I passed some agreeable time watching the Duo Anggrek on Dangdutz Channel.


They are really cute, and here’s a picture to prove it.


If push came to shove, I’d say Mozaine was my fave, not because she’s cuter but simply because when they sang their hit song on the show, Devayne showed slightly less ‘ooomph.’



But which I prefer is a very academic point, alas, for I fear they would put me at the very back of any theoretical queue of wannabe suitors, of whom there must be thousands.