True Colours! Red Tsipras Turns on Threatened Neighbour!

Typical BBC! 


Police in Macedonia have used tear gas to disperse hundreds of migrants who were trying to break through a fence at the border with Greece.

Duh…Wake up, Pinko Creeps!

They were not just ‘trying to break through a fence,‘ although such incursions on their own would certainly justify a tear gas response.

The alien hoodlums were hurling ROCKS at the Macedonians! The BBC somehow missed that, but I just saw it on CNN – three Macedonians injured by the brutes! Teargas was a riposte far too gentle, in my view.


  • Migrants-hurl-rocks-in-riot-as-tough-new-fence-blocks-Greece-Macedonia-border-401680

An old photo, but today we had an action replay.

  • But what brought me to the key-board is not that fresh evidence of how dangerous these savages are. They should NEVER be allowed into any civilised country.

No, the latest outrageous report is that the marxist Tsipras regime has ‘CONDEMNED’ the brave border force men for defending Macedonia against illegal invasion.

These reds in Athens had best make up their minds where their loyalties lie, though I reckon we already know.

I can only hope that the Greek people do something about the cancerous Syriza growth in their body politic.