BBC Bias On Freako “Rights!”- Let’s Boycott PayPal!

It was 10.20am here in Jakarta, on my third black coffee, contemplating my night out, waiting for a welcome visitor…nice morning!

Then I had the misfortune to tune into the BBC ‘news’ which turned out to be more like a promotional video for the gaystapo agenda in America.

The scene was North Carolina, needless to say. Equal time for both sides in the debate going on there? It’s the BBC, remember, so…


We had one brief moment with one state legislator who supports the bathroom bill, balanced, with exquisite BBC even-handedness, by a tear-jerking chat – a ‘boy,’ or rather girl, who wants to use the men’s room when he needs a pee…


…PLUS a visit to what seemed to be a ‘gay’ bar, three of its denizens giving vent to their outrage, PLUS mention of Ringo Starr, Bruce Springsteen, Deutsche Bank and Pay Pal, all lined up to boycott the state because…


…it thinks men should use the men’s room and women should use the ladies.’



Impartial treatment of the issue, indeed!

So I decided to return to this matter, despite covering it already.

Born in America? With A Penis? Use The Men’s Room, Freako! 

Most of us don’t use Deutsche Bank, and the two musicians of advancing years don’t drop by too often..


A lot of people use PayPal!




Here’s a call for action from AFA -their message?  Pull the plug on PayPal!


Our decision comes after PayPal announced last week it was, in essence, threatening the state of North Carolina, which recently passed a law that would require people to use the bathroom of the gender assigned on their birth certificate. Read AFA’s press release here.

Shortly after North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory signed HB2, PayPal announced it was pulling plans to open a new global operations center in Charlotte, which would have created 400 new jobs with an investment of $3.6 million in the area.

In response, we have canceled our use of PayPal and encourage you to do the same.

As a pro-family organization that continually works to strengthen and protect families across America, we cannot sit idly by while a company like PayPal supports laws that punishes a state like North Carolina for protecting women and children.

AFA continues to support the North Carolina law, and other similar laws, that protect women and children by preventing them from being left vulnerable to predators. The bullying by PayPal over common sense legislation is reason enough to cancel their services.

If you have a PayPal account, join American Family Association and cancel it today. Also, be sure to let PayPal know why you are canceling.


Cancel your PayPal account today. Here’s how:

To close your account:

Call: 1-888-221-1161


1. Log in to your PayPal account online.
2. Click the Profile icon next to “Log Out.”
3. Click “Close your account” under “Account options.”

If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can still call and share your concern.

If you’re looking for an alternative to PayPal, read this encouraging article about

Thanks in advance for standing with us!