CAIR-Scum – This Sicko Sow Should be…What?

     This is primarily for American readers, but given the kind of vermin we’ve seen crawling around the UK and other civilised nations…


Poppies burned

Burning poppies in London on Remembrance Day – why is treason no longer a capital offence?


… perhaps a lot of you will find it worth a read.


Zarah Billou is a filthy sick sow if ever there were one!

The po-faced slag doesn’t like honouring her country’s war dead.

NB  – She’s from San Francisco, but I’m not sure America really is her country. It doesn’t sound like it! She shouldn’t be allowed to live there, given what she’s said.

She’s part of CAIR, which more and more Americans are learning is not JUST part of Obama’s in-crowd but a den of sectarian vipers.



I know what I think should be done with her.

But is it legal to say what I think, even in the bloggosphere?

Read this linked story and see what you think!