To Do Britain Down, Rutte Defies Dutch Democracy!

Like the ancients who consulted their oracles, we modern folk, trying to fathom the weasel words of the Dutch Government’s response to the clear referendum verdict recently recorded, are faced with baffling double-talk, patently designed to dodge as many issues as possible.


  • The one thing that is absolutely plain is that Holland’s PM Rutte prefers working hand-in-glove with Brussels to complying with his people’s decision, which was an unequivocal NO to the Ukraine deal on which the Eurocrats are ploughing ahead.,

He said withdrawing the ratification law would undermine those talks. “We would lose our entry ticket to those talks, that is the paradox we are dealing with,” said Rutte, adding that in that case “no-one” would want to talk to the Dutch government.



Maybe better that, than the realisation among Dutch voters that no-one in his ivory tower wants to listen to the voice of the electorate.

But what truly gives the game away is his explicit, downright sinister, admission that he’s simply collaborating with HMV in Brussels to subordinate everything to their game-plan against the BRITISH people.


  • EU - referendum vote
  • “Our political estimation, based on the first signals we received from our European partners, is that they want that [the UK referendum] out of the way first,” said Rutte.

Disingenuously, the Europhiliac Rutte added this little gem :-


“That doesn’t mean that nothing can happen behind closed doors!”

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Get real, buddy.

Anyone who has even a glimmer of how the EUSSR goes about it’s business of dragooning its subjects knows that just about EVERYTHING happens behind closed doors.


"How long do you think we'll get away with it?"

Rutte and Juncker

Jerk Juncker has openly boasted about his penchant for lies and deceit.

He said it himself, that he often had to lie  because economic policy was too important toi be discussed in public… ‘

He apparently prefers ‘deep and dark debates..’


Good to note, however, that not just the expected good guys but the entire Netherlands opposition got stuck into his shameful shilly-shallying, condemning him for not immediately pulling the plug on ratification, including by political parties who had campaigned in favour of the agreement.

“Real people went to real polling stations to really say No,” said a Christian Democrat.

A Green showed welcome integrity too. “I don’t envy the prime minister, but he is going to have to negotiate in Brussels with the position that the Netherlands has withdrawn its support for the treaty.”

And a rather lovely-looking lady named Marianne Thieme summed it up well, that Rutte is trying to fool No voters that some renegotiation of the treaty is what they wanted. 


“The citizen should be taken seriously. In this debate, the prime minister is feeding the public distrust in politics,” she said.


The EUSSR ( and Rutte the Running Dog) evidently want to avoid the uproar, and that uproar’s inevitable echo in the UK referendum campaign, when the elite once again treat people with contempt by pushing their Ukraine deal though regardless of the Netherlands’ NO!

Hence they are waiting like hovering vultures before telling Dutch voters to get stuffed. 

So what patriots now need to do – and I mean patriots in Britain, Holland and every country under the heel of the supranational mandarins, is to say with one voice…

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