Filthy Foul-Mouth Islamist Insults Danish Judge! String ‘Em Up!


“You should s— my f—ing circumcised d—, Nazi whore,” he said.

I try to avoid obscenities, so if you want to read the actual words, look at The Local link –

There’s really no reason why the likes of Mahmoud Rabae should not be put down. And I don’t mean because he’s a foul-mouthed pig.

He and those other sectarian swine on trial for their role in a murderous outrage in Denmark have made it clear they are utterly unrepentant of their evil.

After the terrorist attempt on the life of the cartoonist Lars Vilks last year…


. Cartoonist Vilks


… which Vilks survived but in which – and in a related attack, on a synagogue the same night – other innocent people died, a trial is now in progress with  Judge Marianne Madsen presiding – she was the target for the vile rant. Another pignoramus, Bhostan Khan Hossein, had this gem of jihadist intolerance to add

 “Those who died were innocent. The cartoonist deserved to die!”

Enough said, surely. Nobody who thinks a rude drawing merits murder should be allowed to live in a civilised country.  And if they’re convicted of what was done, why allow them to live at all?
But we are no longer shocked by such savagery, and not by obscene outbursts either.
What is TRULY horrifying is what The Local tells us about the Danish legal system.
If found guilty, the four risk life imprisonment, which in Denmark means they would be entitled to a pardoning hearing after 12 years.
That’s a mockery of justice.
They should be put to death.