Lawless Idomeni Ingrates Bleed Greece Dry – Tsipras Hand-Cuffs Cops!

Only a week ago we pointed out how crimmigrant-infested Italy has failed Europe, first by decriminalising illegal immigration, and currently by refusing point-blank to hold aliens securely until even basic security checks are carried out.

Pity Italy – Retired Couple ‘Slaughtered Like Goats!’ 

This despite the fact we all KNOW that terrorists are heading into the civilised world by calling themselves ‘refugees’ AND that the sex-predator savages in Germany and elsewhere are either ‘refugees’ or phoney ‘asylum’ seekers.

Italy’s plight, not least the ordeal of molestation suffered even by senior citizens –Italy Infested With ‘Asylum’ Predators!  – is entirely down to Red Renzi.

But now we read, in the Greek media, that Red Tsipras is emulating his comrade in Rome.

Authorities on the Greek islands began allowing migrants out of the detention camps where they are being held…



How irresponsible can governments get? D’ye imagine that the sly aliens, having got to Greek shores from Turkey, won’t be wily enough to make it to the mainland?

Every single ‘migrant’ HAS to be kept in detention from the moment they are brought ashore. They have committed illegal acts, defying the border rules which decent people are obliged, and are happy, to obey.

More than that, we know that if these swine do get ashore and swagger up to Idomeni, they will be welcome reinforcements for the violent mobs attacking the brave Maedonian guards. 

It was Tsipras, recall, who issued shrill protests when those border police fought the alien savages off.

So the savages know that they have little to fear from Greek police, who are hand-cuffed by the Athens reds.


A migrant throws a stone at a police car after clashes at a makeshift camp for migrants and refugees at the Greek-Macedonian border near the village of Idomeni, Greece, April 18, 2016. REUTERS/Stoyan Nenov


Instead law enforcement in Idomeni has been reduced to the pitiful status of social workers.

Read how – on Monday, Greek police tried to persuade dozens to leave as they protested on the railway tracks that pass through the camp into Macedonia. Most refused.

WATCH: Migrants Riot, Hurl Stones At Police Breitbart News

These revolting ingrates, illegally in Greece, battening on welfare, are repaying the wretched Greeks by causing MILLIONS of euros in losses to business, because  tracks have been blocked by the migrants for about a month….


In healthier times, lawless gangs who obstructed railroads got a one-way ticket to Boot Hill


And all the cops can do is persuade?

If you, dear reader, went to Greece and sat down on the railway tracks, you’d be scooped up by the constabulary fast enough.

But you are not liars, terrorists, persons using fake documents – and besides, you understand how civilised society works – you don’t elevate yourself above the law, and when you travel in other people’s countries, you respect their laws and institutions.

“The police come every day and ask us to open the railway but this is our final hope,” said a Syrian man who gave his name as Abdul. “If we let them open the rail lines we will be forgotten here.

Forgotten? Not bloody likely! Generations yet unborn will be told of this time of treason, when Europe’s leaders betrayed their peoples to alien invasion! 



Here’s another account, in case you doubt the spinelessness of the authorities and the arrogance of the aliens.

The railway line opened for a short while in the morning after police peacefully removed the migrants from the area. But the migrants did not stay away for long. They returned with their tents and rolled large stones onto the railway tracks.


The losses incurred by Trainose as a result of the ongoing occupation of the railway tracks have yet to be determined but the railway operator, which is slated for privatization, has been losing work at a fast rate….Greek import and export firms have been faced with a barrage of cancellations as they are unable to guarantee the swift delivery of goods.   ,

And this is the country whose economy is bankrupt?  How much of your taxes have gone into its rescue.

Yet Tsipras makes a mockery of the ‘revival plans’ by allowing a mob of uppity barbarians insolently to squat on the railway and strangle vital trade.

I don’t blame those poor Greek cops. If they had a government that was truly Greek at heart, rather than marxist….

they’d long since have had orders to move in with billy-clubs, tear-gas and live ammunition to clear the tracks!

Oh, and don’t forget a few handy choke-holds.

What’s happening is a farce. But the concept of a Greek tragedy has resonance too.