The Queen of Canada – Many Happy Returns!


Happy Birthday to Canada’s Queen!

I see there’s some nonsense going on back in the Dominion about a need to issue new banknotes featuring a woman.

Feminist freakos seem to think it’s never happened before.

But even those distinguished examples didn’t spend as much time in Canada as HM, or served so conscientiously, and for so long.

And looking back on happy days, six years old, blasting away at groundhogs in my Grandma’s fields with my trusty .22, I seem to recall handling a large sum given to me by a kindly rel, a dollar bill!


Looks like a lady to me!

Aaahaaa! But what Justin Turdo wants is to enhance ‘diversity!’

So who might be ‘diverse’ enough to win the prized place,which won’t be on a dollar bill- they are apparently not made any more!

Howzabout that grotesque Porkahontas, who certainly added ‘diversity’ to the meaning of the words ‘hunger’ and ‘strike,’ when she claimed she was going on one, then fessed up to guzzling yummy broth every day.


spence headdress

Fatty’s Yummy Diet Reaches ‘Critical’ Stage – NOT! 



No, because poor old Fatty isn’t nearly as ‘diverse’ as Ontario’s lesbian Premier Wynne….



….whose company Turdo likes to savour when he’s out campaigning!

Now wouldn’t that look great – on a wooden nickel!