Austria – Infested Italy Could Push Herr Hofer To Victory

As Austrians face the chilling reality that their southern neighbour, Italy, under the pro-crimmigrant Renzi regime, is being overwhelmed by undesirable aliens (‘not an invasion,’ squealed Renzi, as the current infestation was topped up with 6000 more illegals in a matter of a few days this week!)  one spin-off benefit from this disagreeable situation could be victory in Vienna for a sound patriot.


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FPO’s Hofer -Your Homeland Needs You Now!

  • Wih only days to go before Austria elects a new president, Norbert Hofer, of the Freedom Party (FPO) is said to be running neck and neck with an elderly Green. What’s significant is that the two ‘main’ parties, the so-called ‘conservative OVP and the leftist SPO are way behind both these outsiders..

If nobody gets a majority in the first round on 24th April, the FPO could be in with a grand chance in the May run-off.

Another reason to get up early here in Jakarta to see if voters back West are waking up!