ABC’s ( No, Not BBC’s!) Anti-Brexit Bias On Display!

I thought I’d subject myself to ABC’s ‘Australian’ international’ channel last night, mainly to see if their election news output was slanted more towards Labor or the Greens.


But little sign of electoral news at all.

However, bias there was, the first item being how Obama had flown into London and was spouting pro-Brussels hogwash. No surprise, as we’ve known of his eagerness to boost his buddy Camoron for quite some time.


But what did amaze me was ABC’s blatant bias against those in the UK fighting to regain independence from the EUSSR.

You’d expect a balanced choice of guests, pro and con, but the news-castress only had one, a Foreign Office wally just recently retired as British Ambassador to the USA.  



He faithfully stuck to the Whitehall mandarins’ slavish  Europhiliac line – easy-peasy with never any challenging questions from Blondie. In fact Miss Peroxide weighed in to help, describing how Boris Johnson had criticised Obama ‘bizarrely!’

ABC seems to employ hackettes who just can’t be bothered to disguise  their ideological tilt. Maybe Boris was bizarre, or maybe he wasn’t. He’s no hero of mine.


Miffed ... Boris Johnson.

But it’s NOT up to some bimbo paid from Aussie taxes to tell us so when she’s supposed to be presenting the news impartially.