Balanced Borders Debate? Not With THAT Audience!

A debate on the BBC, on the crimmigrant crisis, with both sides equally represented – a yummy treat on a Sunday morning after four black coffees. 

But while the panel was balanced…

……..what about the studio audience?

Hasil gambar untuk globsec debate april 2016

It was staged by GlobSec, in Bratislava, but the BBC broadcast it, so they should be confronted with the question of the loaded dice which the panel got to play with.

An excellent Hungarian lined up with a Dane to talk sense, whilst a Greek and a Turk  argued against them, but how was the audience chosen?

That’s a question that urgently needs an answer, if GlobSec want to retain any credibility . We know what the man in the street thinks about the so-called ‘refugees’ that Brussels seeks to impose on them. Slovaks oppose accepting refugees –

But that audience was polled before and after the debate, and the percentages are most curious.


For border controls    27

Against border controls 52


That’s just grotesque!  




For border controls    14

Against border controls 73


  • ——————————-
  • Did the organisers make ANY effort to ensure a fair reflection of popular opinion in Slovakia? Did they bring in normal people off the Bratislava streets?

I’ll bet not.

Did they make any effort to invite a fair cross-section of opinion in every European country?

I’ll bet not.

Did they trawl universities for callow undergrads and condescending academics?  Maybe.

One of the last members of the audience to be asked for a contribution was clearly a typical arrogant elitist…


….yammering about how the ‘populists’ were ‘misusing the knowledge of ordinary people.’

Plainly he reckoned his sort of people were extraordinary! 

How do GlobSec recruit their pinkos?