Dateline BBC and Obama – Leading Questions, Slanted Panel

Who the heck is Stryker McGuire? A famous Irish soccer star?


Some Bloomberg hanger-on, even less well-known than an ‘author’ named Temko, and a snooty-sounding black female called Nesrine Malik.



All Obama fans, from the sound of it, and hence their invitations to appear on BBC’s Dateline today, disparaging as many Brexit campaigners as they had time to name. And if they showed hesitation, the Beeb twat serving as ‘impartial’ (don’t laugh out loud) chairman was quick to prompt them!

When they were busily putting down Brexiteer comments about Obama’s hypocrisy – no American surrender of sovereignty suggested by a man urging Brits to abandon theirs – in leapt Mr. Twat, comparing the UK’s ‘offshore island’ status to the USA’s ‘continental power’ status, egging on his guests to amplify this comparison.



An argument, maybe, but NOT needed from somebody meant to be balancing the dscussion.

The dusky bint was not just obnoxious but ignorant.

Described as ‘Sudanese’ but using ‘we’ to talk about UK citizens’ attitudes to the monarchy, she kicked off by likening the British monarchy to Saudi Arabia!



  • How ill-informed, and offensive, given the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations last week. Nutty Nesrine said she has a ‘real problem’ with the monarchy…
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  •  General Gordon faces Sudanese savages


so why doesn’t she p-ss off back to Sudan with its even nuttier president, since most Brits are very happy with both their monarch and the royal institution?

The same could be said for the unknown American ‘author’ Temko – have any of you heard of him? – who condescendingly dissed Brit responses to Obamanoid arrogance, while the well-fed McGuire merely offered more of the same.




I suspect there are millions of DECENT Americans who do NOT share the prevailing White House vision of kicking Britannia to the ‘back of the queue’ if she opts for deliverance. 

Only a German from Die Welt showed some glimmering of understanding of the real issues, the love of country and pride in sovereignty, the value placed on freedoms, that motivate the Leave movement.

These foreign fellows, and fillies, are entitled to think and say what they wish.

It’s the damnable anti-British creeps who run the BBC who orchestrated that free propaganda show for the Remain rogues – at Brit tax-payer expense.

BBC EU flag

They should be purged. The Poles have the right idea.  

Poles Set Another Good Example – Clean Out Media Bias!