Get Your Aim Straight – Brexit Training Videos!

More great material for the liberation struggle.

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Thanks to Bruges Group, you can BE PREPARED!

We need to focus the debate on exactly how the new co-operative alignment of sovereign states that eventually replaces the European Union is likely to be structured. Only then will people stop obsessing over whether it is safe to leave the moribund EU, and begin to take departure for granted. Thinking and debating where you are going is always more exciting than mulling over where you have come from.

This paper is a comprehensive critique of the EU and a look at what can be once we are free.
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Videos to help activists

These short films are intended as a training tool for activists on the front line. They are to equip team leaders with quick ways to express the ideas we all feel – and to give pertinent facts and figures that you can readily deploy.

Some look at serious issues in a new way, others are a look at campaigning, offering useful information in an accessible format.

Training videos include:
• Do you think there is real peace in the EU?
• Skills for Front Line Activists – Canvassing
• The Street Stall Trilogy (Part II)
• The Street Stall Trilogy (Part I)
• EU Free Movement of Labour – the Human Cost

Every few days during the campaign we will upload a few sample conversations and brief explanations of argument. Be sure to soon come back to this page.