Moaning Mona, Riding To The Rescue of Jakarta Post?

One of my most enjoyable spare-time activities  – not the most, but almost! – is noting the lapses in grammar of the Jakarta Post.

Here’s an extract from a previous RRA.

Five-Star Hotel Hooker Horror – Jakarta Post Grammar Probe? 



Prostitution has been there since my childhood but we have hypocrite and posed not to know about it,” quoted him as saying here on Monday.

That’s allegedly Jakarta’s Governor Ahok speaking, about a ‘high-class pimp’ story hitting headlines here.

He also said he did not know the number of public officials using sex workers’ service but many have abused their power to pay the high tariff.



Ahok needless to say never said anything like that – he spoke in Indonesian. But that was how the JP Anglophones translated his remarks.

There are other JP howlers, though I couldn’t possibly cover them all. But it’s not just grammar – here’s an amusing example of how they use a variety of ‘English’ that’s meaningless to normal people.

Grammar and ‘Gays!’ – Poor Old Jakarta Post! 

But now my true nefarious motives, for pointing out their wretched standard of English, stand exposed.


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  • ———————-
  • People like Yours Truly, who expect decent grammar, are just wicked rich old racists!

And who’s exposed us?

This grumpy little girl!


“It doesn’t take much to see the power imbalance when it comes to grammar snobbery. The people pointing out the mistakes are more likely to be older, wealthier, whiter, or just plain academic than the people they’re treating with condescension….”

That’s from a pinko bint named Mona Chalabi, whose bile boils up in The Guardian, one of the most far left media in the UK. 

Having studied at one of the oldest Scots institutions of higher education, the University of Edinburgh, Mona might fairly be described as ‘academic’ herself.

Did she get an Upper Second or a First?

If the latter, she’s more ‘academic’ than I, though I’m not an Edinburgh alumnus.

Guardian hacks and hackettes also tend to be significantly ‘wealthier’ than your average citizen. She’s certainly much wealthier than I am! Who isn’t?

So basically it’s age and colour that she’s righteously frothing about?   

Yes, I confess, I am ‘older’ than she! The older you are, at least in the UK, the greater the chance your grammar will be good. Grammar schools, now rare – though UKIP say they’ll bring them back – took in students from poor homes and taught them well. Teachers were also much more diligent in such areas than they seem to be now.


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  • And alas, despite my zealous sun-bathing, whenever I get the chance to sit out in my yard with a book, I remain forlornly ‘whiter.’

Mona makes good money from ‘race.’ The ‘documentary’ she was working on last year for (surprise, surprise!) the BBC on ‘racism’ presumably earned her a pretty penny.

Will the script of her end-product be literate?

I doubt I’ll watch it.

  • racist
  • Given her prejudices, it’ll likely just be another lefty whine.

Whether it’ll be grammatically correct, I don’t know. Given that she resents those who care enough about the English language to draw attention to its misuse by ignoramuses, I am not optimistic.