The UK – Gaystapo Rules Sheffield University!



A monstrous attack on not just academic freedom but civil liberties this month, with a Christian student expelled from a university social work course after expressing support for biblical teaching on marriage on his own Facebook page – kicked thus in the teeth by Sheffield University gaystapo goons, his appeal was turned down by a kangaroo court of PC ratbags.

Felix Ngole has long wanted to be a social worker, and his hopes are now dashed.

‘May have caused offence’

In his second year at Sheffield, Felix was condemned by these because  he “may have caused offence to some individuals” – since when is that a problem in modern British universities, where both radical academics and moronic students regularly give vent to views that don’t merely offend but affront decent Brits whose taxes subsidise their comfy ivory tower existences?

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Moreover, said his persecutors, Felix had“transgressed boundaries which are not deemed appropriate for someone entering the Social Work profession.”

Luckily, there’a Christian Legal Centre doing valiant civil rights work, and they’re helping him after that kangaroo court aka ‘Appeals Office,’ decreed that his Facebook postings were“inappropriate!” and he’d shown no insight, i.e. regrets about openly standing by his Christian beliefs. His defenestration from said ivory towers was therefore, in the words of cretins who don’t grasp the concept of freedom, “proportionate”.

Felix’s response is straightforward.

“Like every other student at university I use social media to communicate and express personal views. In my Facebook posts in question, I simply expressed support for the biblical view of marriage and sexuality. However, I was reported to the university for these views and they unilaterally decided to end my course. In so doing, they ended my training for my chosen vocation in life.

“I shall be seeking further legal action as my case raises all sorts of legal questions as to whether Christians can any longer hold traditional biblical and moral beliefs and still enter mainstream professions such as social work, medicine, teaching and law in this country.”



The inquisition in Sheffield is shocking. It’s those responsible for the witch-hunt who should be booted out, not this honourable student, whose Facebook support for Kentucky marriage clerk Kim Davies last September resulted in a summary summons by some nit-wit pen-pusher in the Sheffield U bureaucracy telling him that his comments were being investigated.

After a series of interrogations by PC pukes, he was told that the Faculty of Social Sciences Fitness to Practise Committee had ruled that he should be removed from the course. 


CLC’s Andrea Williams reminds us that “we have become used to registrars, nurses, teachers, magistrates and counsellors being disciplined in their jobs for acting according to conscience, but this is the very first time a Christian student has been stopped even before he enters his chosen vocation to help others – simply for holding traditional Christians views on marriage and sexuality.

“This case raises fundamental issues which is why taking further action is vital.”