Bravo, Herr Hofer – But Will ‘Phoney-War’ Gang Ape French Tactics?

Great result for the FPO in Austria, the patriot party’s presidential candidate Norbert Hofer getting between 35 and 40% of the votes in the first round yesterday.


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FPO’s Hofer -Your Homeland Needs You Now!


Even the ‘mainstream’ media are admitting Herr Hofer’s success is due to the crimmigrant issue.

And the threat he’s warning of is VERY real, with this morning’s news telling how an Italian marxist mob forced Austria’s border guards to use pepper-spray and batons. The violent red rabble were out to gate-crash the frontier at the  Brenner Pass.

Austrian police clash with Italians protesting Brenner border The swine were driven back.

Good for the guards!

But there’s a cloud of appeasement on the Alpine horizon.

The two old parties – OVP (phoney ‘conservatives’) and SPO (socialists) are VERY likely to throw their weight behind the elderly far-left Belleman, described, reasonably enough, as a ‘green fascist’ after he declared he’d defy the electorate if it dared vote for an FPO government in the parliamentary elections two years hence.

‘A Fascist Green Dictator?’ D-Day for Austria! 

We have seen this before, in France, where the ‘left’ and ‘right’, forever engaged in a phoney war that disdains the aspirations of the people, suddenly united to block the advance of Marine Le Pen.

One can only hope that Austrian democracy is not similarly sabotaged.