Foul Ingrates! Drag Them Out, Send Them Back!


Gang of migrants demanding ‘respect’ smash way into Paris school and refuse to leave

Migrants have been called a “disgrace” as they illegally squat in a school. The 150 migrants have taken over the building of Jean Jaures School…

It’s not their country, it’s not their city, it’s not their school.

They show NO respect to the people on whom they’ve foisted themselves.

Their invasion of this school is an act of war, a war on civilised standards, on basic French civic values.

Authorities have labelled the takeover of the school in Paris’s 19th quarter a “savage occupation.”

civilised man v savage

The chief constable of the area, Jean-François Carenco, has said: “In this country, it is the law that speaks and not force….”


Well said!

The cops should go in hard and fast, tasers, tear-gas, batons, whatever it takes to teach these arrogant ingrates a lesson they’ll never forget.

The ratbags should be dragged out, their documents checked.


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  • If they don’t have proper documentation, deport them, and if they do, they should be told to sing La Marseillaise, and publicly thank the people of France for allowing them to be there. 



But what happens instead?

Authorities have asked migrants to leave the school…Gang of migrants demanding ‘respect’ smash way into Paris school

If you’re attacked by a mugger and a cop appears on the scene, do you expect him to ASK the thug to desist?
If a rape-refugee attacks some kid in an alley, would police rush up and ASK the predator kindly to unhand the girl?

How many times do people need to read stories like this before they make the decadent clowns in government ACT, by kicking dirty ingrates out of the countries their presence affronts?

Same goes for this story! 

  • snouts_in_the_trough
  • Fussy migrants turn down free food from volunteers and demand MONEY instead

Picky refugees at an asylum centre in Germany have caused outrage among local politicians by refusing to eat the free food they are served claiming it makes them “sick.”  Fussy migrants turn down free food from volunteers..


posh cats


I bought some cat-food recently, not the flavour she usually gets, but cat food is cat-food, after all.  When she turned up her nose, I decided to tough it out. 

She disdainfully meowed to have the door opened, then flounced off, returning later expecting something different on her plate. No such luck, so away she went again. This carry-on carried on all day – I wondered if I’d bought stuff that was ‘off.’

So next I set her dish out in the front yard. Her pal, a large and raggedy tom, came in like lightning, scoffed the lot, and swaggered off, no sign of illness or discomfort from his free feast. So it was her being stroppy, not the food.

Having witnessed the scene, she saw the game was up…like Barbara Allen at young Jemmy Grove’s death-bed, slowly-slowly she came nigh…and ate.

So why should those free-loaders in Germany be treated differently? 


Kai Hockenjos, a spokesman of the local authority responsible for refugee welfare, said: “This is hospitality being trampled upon. We find this protest incomprehensible and disappointing. Only this week there was a lamb stew on offer every bit as spicy and tasty as that which is made in the countries of origin of the migrants.”

He ruled out any changes to the policy….



But then we find him saying that no-one would starve and that the boycott “was not a hunger strike” because those refusing to eat canteen food were using their pocket money – around 115 pounds per month, paid for by the German taxpayer – to buy their own rations.


Whose imbecilic idea was it to hand these ingrates a big bundle of cash every four weeks?


  • They should be made to work to earn their board and lodgings! Cleaning, cooking, sweeping floors, washing windows, every day, under supervision – the least to be expected in return for free meals and accommodation.

But at least Herr Hockenjos has ‘ruled out any changes.’

Oh yeah?

Then what are these do-gooders talking to the wasters about?

Social workers and refugee workers were talking with the protestors until late on Wednesday without reaching a compromise.


Lock them in, and tell them to look through the cell windows and watch normal decent human beings tuck into the meals provided.

Maybe the staff, or maybe unemployed Germans invited in off the street.

Or better still a bunch of school-kids with healthy appetites – that idea has merit, especially if the kids were told why the good grub was available, because too many youngsters fall for the lying media yarns about how these ungrateful warthogs are ‘poor, desperate refugees.’

Then set out another helping of the same, and tell them that if they don’t eat what’s served by the camp staff, they will be deported. 

  • Chances are the arrogant upstarts will brazen it out, expecting the Germans to knuckle under. 
  • When they’re manacled and sent on their homeward bound journey, give them a packed lunch -the same food they refused, and if it’s slightly stale by then, whose fault is that?
  • “We want other food – or we will die.”
  •  Nobody asked them to come to Germany. Certainly only mentally retarded Germans want them there.
  • So if they prefer to die rather than eat what’s put in front of them…make it clear that…


A few less snouts in the trough, big deal!


out with them

Migrants who don’t know their place – that they are in our countries on sufferance, uninvited – are a waste of space. 

There’s no room for them in civilised lands.