Now ‘German’ Vermin Attack Sikhs – Boot The Brutes Out!

 Not content with targetting innocent Muslim dissenters like the Ahmadis, as is now happening in the UK, the sectarian scum in Germany who call themselves ‘Salafists’ seem to have expanded their targets, this week in Essen, a big industrial city in North Rhine Westphalia.


Teen 'Salafists' arrested over bomb attack on Sikh temple

The bomb exploded at a temple belonging to the Sikh Gurdwara Nanaksar congregation on Saturday at around 7 pm, wounding three people – one of them, a Sikh priest, seriously.


Now two 16-year-old ‘children’ have been arrested.

evil children

“The accused have clear links to the terrorist scene,” Essen police chief Frank Richter told journalists at a press conference, saying that both teenagers had made partial confessions.

We don’t yet know if these primitive pigs were born in Germany (as if that makes them ‘German,’ when their allegiance is clearly to a supranational ideology!) or whether they are part of Mama Stasi’s horrid horde….


merkel danger


… but either way, they should be expelled to a climate where barbarous bigot beasts like themselves feel more at home..

ARD public television reported that the two youths arrested were well-known to the police for their links to the Salafist scene in the densely populated Rhine-Ruhr region…something Richter refused to confirm at the press conference.


out with them


Since there’s no immediate prospect of capital punishment being usefully restored, then – if the cops are so well-informed about the ‘Salafist scene’ in their territory – every single one of the swine should be rounded up for deportation.