ANOTHER ‘Poor Little Child’ ( Alien Ingrate Brat) Hits Vienna Headlines!

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This dirty little slug was released early ( a ridiculous ‘suspended sentence’ ) after spending only EIGHT MONTHS in jail for planning to bomb a Vienna train station in the name of the Islamic State group…

Now the swine has been given two years after he promptly  began sending  pro-terrorist SMSes. 

We read that prosecutors may yet appeal.  Yet all they might achieve by doing so would MAYBE be to get something nearer the equally soft-soppy sentence dished out to an older malignant last month.  Radical ISIS preacher jailed for six years in Austria (

It would obviously be far wiser to shoot the pig – both pigs!

Unfortunately capital punishment has not yet been restored in Austria.

So instead of spouting nonsense like –

“This is the last chance for you to gain a foothold in our society,” as the presiding judge fatuously advised the younger ingrate this week…

…why not just kick the demonic adolescent brute back to Turkey, from whence he emigrated as a young boy in 2007, and despatch the older one to Chechenya, the place that pig came from before being allowed, incredibly, to set up shop in Austria?

devil destroyed

This policy of permitting the enemies of civilisation to dwell in civilised countries is by no means unique to Austria, but at least there, with Herr Hofer riding high in presidential polling…

More Good Reasons For Austrians to VOTE HOFER! 

…there’s some hope that sanity will prevail.