One More Camoron Double-Cross – No Right to Vote for UK Expats!

So a court has ruled that Brits who have lived overseas for more than 15 years have NO right to take part in what must be the most important decision likely to be made in their lifetime.


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  • Yet citizens of a foreign country who have resided in the UK for maybe a couple of years, who owe NO allegiance to HM The Queen, and whose government is actively encouraging the Europhiliac side in the June 23rd referendum – Fear in the air as Irish firms worry about Brexit have the right to cast a ballot? 

What manner of British justice is this?  

These exiled Brits against whom Camoron discriminates include maybe a million or more who have retired, after long years of hard work, home and away, and others still working abroad but who, in many, probably most cases, remain fiercely loyal to their country.

The lying swine made another of his infamous ‘cast-iron’ pledges not long ago to restore their enfranchisement, which Labour stripped from them – but now he tells them –



  • ‘Aaah, yes, but not just yet, wait till we have the UK safely subjugated to Brussels, then we’ll see…’


Would the expat vote have helped or hindered the fight for freedom?

Who knows?

A lot of those featured in the media have been the selfish sort, more concerned about the risk of extra Euro-bureaucratic form-filling than about their country’s sovereignty. UK Expats Are NOT All Europhiliac – And ‘Abroad’ Reaches Further Than Brussels. 

And there are plenty on the Brussels pay-roll, over-paid flunkeys with snouts deeply embedded in the Eurocrats’ NGO gravy-train.

But that does not justify what’s happened.

There’s to be an appeal to more judges, who, I fear, will be no more sympathetic to democratic principles.

To those patriots now disenfranchised, I can only urge participation to whatever extent is available. A donation to the Leave EU campaigners would be a small but proper step to take,

Dear Supporter,

Here at Leave.EU, we’re certainly excited. After a turbulent week and a bit, during which No. 10 threw the kitchen sink at us in the form of a dodgy Treasury document, an undisguised threat from President Obama, and yet another dubious economic forecast, this time from the OECD, we emerged victorious: a lead in the polls.

On Wednesday, Leave.EU Founders, Arron Banks and Richard Tice made a brilliant case for Brexit, defending the interest of their, and YOUR nation in front of the Treasury Select Committee in Parliament.

Richard Tice made the often neglected point that you don’t need a free trade deal to trade, just look at America, Britain’s biggest export partner. Arron Banks, meanwhile was laboured with having to point out the difference between ‘the deficit’ and ‘the national debt’ to the Committee’s members, his lessons in economics didn’t end there. Click here to see them in action.

Time for a shake-up to the establishment? We think so. A monumental win for the ‘Leave’ side would be a great start, paving the way for a better future for Britain in the process. Let’s get everyone we can behind the referendum on the 23rd June, and make those votes count.

We have new leaflets for distribution offering the necessary facts and the arguments. With only 55 days left to make a difference, every day of campaigning counts.

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