Happy May Day! But No Day Off in Jakarta!

Happy May Day!

It is, after all, an ancient holiday…



…enjoyed by the comm0n folk of England long before it was hi-jacked by mangy marxists.

As you can see, Maypole dancing, back then, was entirely different from pole dancing as practised today. 

I hope that photo brightens up your breakfast!


This year the poor workers don’t get a holiday, at least not here in Jakarta. There are four public holidays on the Indonesian May calendar, and three of them fall on a Sunday, today’s, plus one Christian, one Muslim and one Buddhist. 

You’d think there’d be three Mondays off in recompense, and I seem to recall there used to be, but at some point the stinginess of the bureaucratic establishment decided NOT, so apart from Thursday’s Ascension Day, nobody gets an extra break this month.

It’s long past day-break here, so there’s likely no dew on the grass in the little park across the street, but in Europe, most people will be tucked up in their comfy beds, so I add this old saying for anyone there who wakes up and thinks it a good idea.  


NB, it’s only for girls, but even were it a statutory non-discriminatory pledge under the Equality Act and guys could try, I doubt it would do me much good…




…so I’ll skip that option.

There will be the usual workers’ demo downtown today, so traffic will be horrendous in consequence. And in consequence, I won’t be going far.

But it’s a beautiful sunny morning, and with a book to read, some sunning out front seems like a good plan.

BTW, speaking of my energetic front yard activities, this past week I read an excellent paperback, Calico Joe, by John Grisham.


  • ———————–
  • It’s a short story, about a baseball player, but you have no real need to understand that sport to enjoy the tale.
  • I strongly recommend it.