Ignorant of History, Colorado Christians Crawl!

The problem with the old name is that “a lot of people were concerned about the association with the crusades, a series of wars between Christians and Muslims…” 


A Denver Christian school is changing its Crusaders mascot because some people think it’s offensive to Muslims.

The Crusades were indeed wars between Christians and Muslims.



Islamic expansionism, which began in the red area and continued for centuries, engulfing one Christian victim-country after another


They were wars of liberation, undertaken to rescue lands seized by Islamic aggressors, a swathe of territory including Palestine, which had long been populated by Christians and Jews, but which had been invaded and occupied by foreign armies.

I covered the issue not long ago…

Top Islamic ‘Scholar’ To Kids – Admire Invaders Who Occupied Palestine! 

…. but you’d think a ‘Christian’ school would have at least some acquaintance with the history of the Holy Land.

Evidently not.



Or maybe they do, but still resort to this pathetic appeasement crawl without the guts to admit it.


Denver Christian Schools CEO Todd Lanting told KUSA that “It has nothing to do with political correctness.” 

 Christian school insists dropping ‘Crusaders’ mascot not due to political correctness | EAGnews.org


Nice to see principled people over there in Colorado are making their voices heard, via social media.

A Facebook group called “Crusaders Forever — HELP!” was created to express their sentiments.  

So why not add a ‘Like’ to their page!?!