Ban Murderous Mullahs? Nice One, Norway…But Be Thorough!


Norway moves to bar entry to 'hate preachers'
This is the Government’s agreeably prompt response to the news that a very unpleasant outfit called ‘Islam Net’ had sent out invitations to some very unpleasant ‘preachers’ to appear at a recent conference.
Since ‘Islam Net’ is Salafist, this should not have come as a surprise. They are the worst sort of sectarian fanatics, who belong in cess-pool countries like Saudi or Pakistan, not in nice places like Norway.
I’d have an even higher opinion of Sylvi if she outlawed that outfit and kicked the swine who run it out of Norway, but nevertheless, her words of wisdom are welcome.
“It is unacceptable that religious organizations in Norway invite people to Norway who undermine Norwegian values,”she said, adding that her aim is to ‘thwart antisocial viewpoints.‘ 
The report reminds us that Denmark too is out to deal with these kind of malignants, with new laws being drafted to tackle imams who “undermine society”.
OK, but what’s important is that these laws and initiatives are pro-active, not merely passive.
By that, I mean, governments should not wait till some rabid cur in a robe stands up and tells a flock of backward buffoons to go forth and decapitate innocents whose only ‘crime’ is to have drawn a cartoon satirising some aspect of religion.
What NEEDS to be done, as a matter of urgency, in ALL civilised countries, is for every preacher (of all creeds, to be seen to be fair ) to be REQUIRED to include in EVERY sermon a two-fold warning, viz. –
A  – that EVERYBODY has the absolute right to convert in or out of every creed, and no harm should be done or threatened to those who so choose…
B – that EVERYBODY has a legal right to criticise, satirise and/or mock ANY aspect of any religion, and that NO HARM should be done or threatened to those who do.
Any clerics who refuse to issue those fundamental assertions of freedom should be deported.
Sure, they might agree, then flout their promise, or they might say the right words then clandestinely spread contradictory advice when they think they’re not under surveillance.
That’s always a risk, but simply reinforces the need for strict surveillance, with rewards on offer for information leading to arrest and conviction.
The West is at war, and no stone should be left unturned in the war effort.