American Hero Wins Justice – Now Free That Brit!

Some people tell me it’s a waste of time to blog about what’s wrong with the world. They’ll say nothing done here on RRA will ever make a difference. But even were I too believe that, I’d carry on, much as those Spartans did when they knew they faced overwhelming odds.


SpartanSoldiersInPhalanxFormation Three  hundred bloggers?


  • Evil only triumphs when good people do nothing.

And those critics forget that there are hundreds, thousands, maybe, of bloggers, many perhaps with only three hundred readers, but together spreading the word around the world.

Here’s a good-news example. 

I recently did my bit to help the campaign for an American Green Beret shamefully betrayed by the US Department of Defence.

Hero Victimised by Pentagon? Support The Sergeant! Sign The Petition! 

Today I got an email to say the campaign for fair play was a success! 

The U.S. Army has reversed an earlier decision to discharge Green Beret Sgt. Charles Martland and has restored his position as a highly decorated military service member.

In support of Sgt. Martland, AFA and Family Research Council collected and delivered 130,000 petition signatures to the Senate Armed Services Committee. The AFA petition urged members of Congress to demand the Pentagon clear Sgt. Martland’s record on the matter concerning his moral duty to protect a young Afghan boy from sexual abuse. 

We believe those who signed the AFA petition strongly influenced decision makers that Sgt. Martland, or any service member, should always protect children against abuse…


So justice has belatedly triumphed…in America!

NOW let’s hope the case of that British SAS man will be revisited, the case we posted on last month.

British Justice? A Sick Joke! Free This SAS Hero! Sign The Petition! 


It is absolutely outrageous that, given the circumstances, this Falklands hero should languish behind bars..