“The French Must Die By The Thousands,” Say Ingrate Jihadists!

All credit to the brave Muslim who infiltrated a satanic sectarian gang in France!

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  • You should read the entire article  – http://www.thelocal.fr/20160502/allah-soldiers-jihadist-cell-journalist-french-must-die-in-thousands –  but if you don’t have time, at least note the utterly depraved character of those jihadists, obsessed with illusory rewards of sex and riches –
  • our women are waiting for us there, with angels as servants. You will have a palace, a winged horse of gold and rubies.”  
  • – in their traitorous scheming to commit atrocities against innocent French men, women and children.
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  • Exactly what to do with ‘gold and rubies’ in ‘Paradise’ might seem problematic – I’ve read nothing about pawn-shops up there –  but it does show the lack of any sense of spirituality in their dark dogmas.

All they seem truly to worship is death. 

“The French must die by the thousands.”

These scum are not ISIS rape-gangsters sneaking into a France they’ve never known.

a22ee-snoutsintrough All the benefits…

They’ve had all the benefits of the French public purse, health, education, welfare, some of them born into Muslim families, and the others converts.

Home-grown traitors, all of them, treasonous swine, like their “emir,” a young French-Turkish citizen. 

Amazingly, this dirty little creep decided to try and reach the Islamic State group in Syria. He was arrested by Turkish police and handed back to France where he spent five months in jail before being released.

His eagerness to join the rape-gang is not amazing, but FIVE MONTHS certainly is – he should have been put up against a wall and riddled with bullets. That’s the proper penalty for treason!

And here’s another extract, telling of a woman in a full-faced niqab veil, who delivers a  letter. The message lays out a plan of attack: target a night club, shoot “until death”, wait for security forces and set off an explosives vest.

Happily, this monstrous plot failed.



  • But until there’s a government in Paris that is prepared to resurrect Madame Guillotine, and impose some serious ( and surely appropriate!) beheadings on the Enemy Within, these lice will continue to crawl across the face of La Belle France.
  • Sooner or later their demonic designs will come to pass. .