Why No Terrorists On Indonesia’s Death Row?

Reassuring to note that Indonesia is not, despite rumours to the contrary –Indonesia Can’t AFFORD To Execute Evil-Doers? Get Real! – abandoning capital punishment in the face of pressure from the European Union’s intrusive emissaries  –UK’s Jakarta Rep Frantic to Save Terrorist Skins -A Neo-Colonialist Par Excellence!  – those UK Embassy flunkeys we’ve mentioned plenty of times in the past.



FCO never tells Indonesians that most Brits favour the death penalty

But utterly deplorable that the only candidates for execution are third-rate parasite drug-smugglers. Frankly, I couldn’t give a monkey’s whether the smugglers live or die.

They certainly know the risks when they embark on their crimes…


indonesia drugs


…so if President Jokowi wants to shoot them, they can’t complain.

But NOT ONE terrorist in the firing line?

Islamist terror is a much greater danger to Indonesia than narcotics.

shoot terrs

The poisonous ideology purveyed by evil men ( like those in the maximum security prison by Cilacap) and their fellow-fanatics still uncaged, not only revels in death but threatens every liberty cherished by decent people of all creeds in this beautiful country.


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  • Indonesia’s excellent Densus 88 anti-terror unit do a good job at thinning the satanic ranks, but the it’s the state which should exact the proper penalty on those captured.

The problem, I understand, lies with the legal system, with too many ‘compassionate’ courts, like that which let off the Cikeusik vermin with slap-on-the-wrist sentences five years ago…

Hasanuddin the Pig


  • ….and that which failed to have the swine Hasanuddin put to death after he beheaded the Christian school-girls ( for their shameful offence of being Christians )
  • He’ll be getting out of jail all too soon!

Often, too, prosecutors don’t even ASK for the death penalty, admittedly, probably, because they know they’re wasting their breath. 

Pak President needs to get more serious people with a real sense of justice into the court system.

The last time we could read of fair play was when the Bali Bomb swine, something like ten years ago, were given what they deserved.


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