Beyond The Twilight Zone – Obama’s Flunkeys, Freaks and Felons!

If the Founding Fathers are sitting up there in the Elysian Fields, watching over the country they brought into being, ’twill be no surprise if there’s a downpour of celestial vomit soon covering the USA from Coney Island to the Golden Gate Bridge.


founding fathers


  • America is descending into lunacy at a rate of knots, with some moron called Karol Mason in the ‘Justice Department’ issuing diktats to her pen-pushers NOT to refer to convicts and felons as…you’ll have guessed it, convicts and/or felons.




It’s to safeguard the poor criminals’ sensitive psyches.

Meanwhile Moron Mason’s boss, a woman named Loretta Lynch, as twisted as Obama himself, has fired a warning shot at North Carolina!

She’s ordering the good people of that state to give unrestricted access to male freakos who dress in women’s clothing, smear their stubble with make-up and declare themselves ‘female…’ 

  • freak_show
  • …to prowl freely among women and girls making use of ladies’ rest-rooms.

Otherwise, Lynch will launch a sticky-beak inquisition against NC democracy, because…? 

The maladjusts’ “civil rights” are being violated!



I think I’ve previously quoted the (recently deceased) true patriot American, Merle Haggard, who, commenting on the alleged ‘twilight’ of the USA, said that the twilight was over and his country was heading into ‘dead of night.’

Hard to disagree!