London Has Fallen – Defender of Evil Declared Mayor!

Declared by his supporters, unofficial, but it seems unlikely he’ll be dethroned.




Before we even get started, let’s dispose of the gobble-de-gook word ‘Islamophobia.’

There are good Muslims and bad Muslims.

Good Muslims, in the UK, are loyal to Queen and Country and abhor barbaric, backward beliefs about killing apostates and beheading blasphemers.  


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  • Bad Muslims prioritise their supranational sectarian ideology and regard good Muslims as ‘Uncle Toms.’ That’s an American term of abuse used by bad black hate-groups against decent black citizens who prefer to obey the law and live amicably with white people. 

Now flashback to when Sadiq Khan was a government minister in 2009.

Mr Khan said: “You can’t just pick and choose who you speak to. You can’t just talk to Uncle Toms.”

This week he was into damage-limitation mode. Mr Khan acknowledged that the comment had been an offensive racial slur. He said: “It is, and I regret using that phrase.




His excuse would make a cat laugh. 

 “The context was me trying to encourage everyone to get involved in government consultations…”

In other words, instead of linking up with honourable elements to isolate the enemy, Khan was out to network with rabid jihadists. Instead of shaming and quarantining the forces of darkness,  he wanted to sup with the devils. 



Who’d have thought, that Londoners would elect a malignant extremist as their mayor?  

I have a photo taken on VE Day, by my late Mother, of a crowd roaring with joy outside Buckingham Palace, Londoners all, I guess, though some of Britain’s overseas allies were probably in the merry throng.

They were cheering Churchill and the Royal Family, after a hard-fought struggle to preserve the realm. 

Unfortunately,  imbecilic immigration policies since WW2 have resulted in hundreds of thousands of Britain’s overseas ENEMIES settling in the capital. Many immigrants did their duty and adapted, becoming British and leaving behind their alien trappings.

But there were FAR too many people from barbaric countries like Pakistan, who failed to leave their primitive customs behind…

Shariah Controlled Zone_thumb[1]

…and whose allegiance to Queen and Country was a joke.

Insanely, they were not only allowed into the UK but given the vote as well, and today we see the result.


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  • It’s a tragedy that in London one of their spawn is set to be installed in the office of Mayor.
  • It’s not that the man Khan is a Muslim.
  • We’ve written before about decent Muslims, who reject polygamy, and all the sexist iniquities and crude intolerances that emanate from shariah.
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  • There’s a Muslim mayor in Holland who’d be perfectly acceptable to most rational citizens anywhere, who rejects sectarian evil. 
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  • If you don’t like freedom, pack your bags and leave,” Ahmed Aboutaleb told them last year after the Charlie Hebdo massacre. If the Dutch Muslims didn’t like the newspapers or the magazines that satirised Islam, he added, they could…
  •  “Just f*** off.”  
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  • That link takes you to a rather interesting article, but Time Magazine also had a story on the election this week, headlined thus –

London Mayor’s Race Exposes Ugly Faultlines in British Politics


It’s a simplistic, trashy article, insulting the electorate as dogs – the usual stupid stuff about Khan’s opponent using ‘dog-whistle’ tactics, as if the voters are dumb curs who don’t think.

And get this fatuous quote!

Khan points out, as a lawyer he defended clients he did not agree with…’

Lawyers abound in big cities. They take on clients they want to defend, or they refuse them. Did anyone twist Khan’s arm and forced him vigorously to defend evil Islamists like those listed in this much more informative Breitbart piece.

London Is About To Elect A Muslim Mayor Who Has Defended

If you read that, you will have a truer measure of the man who holds power in a once-great city.

I’ve been contemplating a visit to the Old Country, later this year, but still have several months before I need to make that decision.


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  • I fear ’twill be like visiting an old friend who’s no longer recognisable due to some horrid affliction.